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Our curriculum within The Dance Box is based in creative dance & ballet; striking a balance between both dance technique & the artistic exploration of dance. We simplify the studio experience & focus on the student; shaping well-rounded dancers in a comfortable, nurturing environment wherein they discover how dance offers joy.


Our dancers

learn to understand & embrace their bodies & abilities as contributors while gaining a critical technical foundation from a highly-trained & experienced faculty. Dance Box students are happy, engaged, have memorable learning experiences in the classroom, make marked progress, & look forward to class every week.​

children's ballet lesson
preschool dance class


“After searching and searching, The Dance Box is the place my children will grow. It is the best place to foster their sweet confidence.” 

What makes

us different?

The curriculum of our pre-kindergarten classes is based in Creative Dance with the introduction of basic ballet technique. In kindergarten, the curriculum’s focus in ballet technique increases while continuing in Creative Dance.

 2nd grade & up, optional Ballet Technique Classes (Tech 1, 2 or 3) are offered to be taken in addition to the Core Class based in creative dance & ballet.


As students mature through the program, they are additionally introduced to both modern & contemporary genres within their Core Class. 


We believe it is important the dancer has the opportunity to embrace & love their body, has an understanding of the elements of movement, & is at least 6 years-old before they have an increased focus on technique; such as ballet. The more dance is studied, the more wisdom & truth we find in this approach & in the benefits of training both the technician & artist within each dancer. 


Core Class Curriculum Breakdown

Creative Dance


2-5 Years Old

& Older

Creative Dance


How does creative dance benefit
the student?

How does creative dance benefit the student?

  • They become good movers, problem solvers, & choreographers,

  • build confidence in themselves & their ability to create & have their own ideas,

  • are provided a healthy outlet for self-expression,

  • learn to love & embrace their bodies,

  • learn how to participate in art as both an observer & artist,

  • & are taught the elements of movement such as time, space, & energy which will enhance their approach to movement across all genres.

How does ballet benefit
the student?

How does ballet benefit the student?

  • They develop posture, balance, & lines which will serve them both inside and outside of dance,

  • focus on perfecting codified movement such as turns, leaps, & barre,

  • develop coordination and the ability to learn choreography,

  • learn discipline & dedication,

  • & develop a critical technical foundation that will set them up for future success in dance.

What does a typical dance class look like at The Dance Box?

Our classes have a specifically designed structure which maximizes every moment of your child’s time in class. The creative dance portions of class are expertly integrated with technique portions in a way that keeps the child engaged and learning throughout the entire lesson. Transitions from one focused study to the next are smooth and thoughtful.

Why should I invest in

dance education?

Even if a child does not continue with dance past childhood, dance; when approached the right way, offers a child posture and lines that serve them both inside and outside dance, develops their ability to solve problems and think creatively, nurtures a healthy relationship with their bodies and confidence in their own ideas, and gifts them a life-long love and appreciation for art and the processes behind it.